New technologies from WTD for new Vending Machine

The most innovative electronic technology and the best mechanical configuration, today are at the service of maximum simplicity of management and the best user experience, in the new interactive displays designed and conceived by World Trade Display for Vending machines.

Innovative design and above all new technologies, make the new generation Vending Machine, equipped with increasingly simple and intuitive interfaces, therefore WTD suggests on the front a panel an interactive display in PCAP technology and with a so-called “Apple Style” profile like those designed by the company, called LIT Series, usually 15.6“/21.5″ or 23.8 inches.

Differently, WTD suggests for the side facades of vending structures, impressive interactive displays and not, in 4K resolution with more appealing visual quality, thus expanding the beverage offer and the amount of information available to the consumer compared to a traditional distributor.

Making the wait more engaging for the customer and most profitable for the dealer on the other hand has always been the ultimate goal; all this simply by clicking on one of the possible icons on the monitor and navigating through an extensive menu and ordering by categories or filters.

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