World Trade Display is your Digital Transformation Company that designs, plans, integrates and supports innovation, accelerating the digital transformation of companies.

Thanks to its innovative digital display, WTD transforms business ideas into interactive experiences that can improve the lives of organizations and people.

World Trade Display, ISO9001 certified company, designs and manufactures with its own brand WTD, interactive solutions with a high emotional impact, engaging the user in a unique and professional interactive experience.


World Trade Display is a major player in the field of interactive solutions and digital signage, which designs, plans and markets products designed for industrial companies.

System integrators who in turn develop 360° solutions for their customers, develop ideas in different fields and commercial scenes, who over time are most in need of stable and reliable industrial suppliers, to materialize new ideas like the ones illustrated below.

Digital SignageVendingRetail & HospitalityGaming/ EntertainmentRail & TransportationBeauty & Healthcare


Interactive devices are changing the face of our public areas and the so-called digital signage solutions of World Trade Display are designed specifically to be integrated without problems in urban environments and to withstand the non-flexible requirements of these settings.
We offer terminals for various applications such as education, training, advertising and queue management, ensuring a solid performance with a user-friendly interface.


The interactive displays of the World Trade Display, respond in an ideal manner even for the vending machine industry so-called Vending; in fact, they are designed with special technical specifications, including resistance to vandalism, water infiltration and possible inflicted damage by the user.
The quality of the products used, also satisfies the special requests of remote-control systems directly with the display.


With an appearance designed down to the smallest detail, the new digital solutions of World Trade Display, also exist in the hospitality and retail industry, allowing you to work more productively and achieve higher sales revenues.
In recent years, the industry has been protagonist of an increase in automation, as such that the so-called self-service facilities have found their way into a wide range of public applications both outdoors and in sale outlets within stores.


By ensuring elegant and modern aesthetics to the key players in the Gaming & Amusement industry, new and more exciting and emotionally engaging WTD displays now offer multi-touch solutions in a wide range of technologies and sizes, satisfying completely the international companies in the Gaming/Entertainment industry; from the more traditional AWP Slot Machine up to innovative VLT Video Lottery, not to mention the area of Online Gaming and casino operators.


WTD provides proven display solutions for check-in/check-out systems at airports, or ticket machines at train stations or other automated ticketing systems often required in the transportation industry. The use in outdoor environments with specific technical requirements in which dust and liquid are present, are always guaranteed; in addition to the high responsiveness to touch and ready intuitiveness of WTD display management to better streamline services.


We regularly collaborate with systems integrators in both the aesthetic and paramedical industry. New technologies and new industrial product lines are constantly getting smaller, they are excellent options for companies that distribute aesthetic beauty machines for technicians or in the paramedical environment, making these increasingly reliable on digital medical imaging, more efficient and trustworthy.


There are companies that pursue progress, enjoying its benefits when it is common knowledge; ….
other companies instead that outline the future and realize the change in advance; …. making it available as early as today!!

The technical skills of people working for World Trade Display are important, but even more so are our attitudes such as curiosity, ideas, passion, desire to change things and ability to get excited over new projects, in order to feel at ease even out of our so-called “Comfort-Zone”.

People ON

Not just simple product distributors, but real professionals in information technology & digital signage, with a company that for over 25 years designs and markets its WTD brand products directly based on the specific demands of international customers.


World Trade Display in the field of interactive solutions and digital signage designs, plans and markets directly, industrial products, both recessed and wall mounted, to better create different types of projects in different industries sectors. Being able to also give a touch of elegance, as well as easy installation, it’s now possible thanks to the new industrial displays of World Trade Display, through an innovative ultra-thin design.


In recent years, the displays designed for wall mounting are increasingly becoming popular in industrial applications, not only for practical reasons, but also because they allow better use of available space on which to display their information, as well as the need simply engage in public, in front of new interactive solutions in constant change where greater convenience and welcoming information is expected.

In this context, the use of wall-mounted displays, not only satisfies both the need to discretely delimit a room environment but to also stimulate an immediate sense of involvement, especially in areas designed to be more experienced, such as public areas.


When we speak of built-in displays, it means displays arranged horizontally and vertically retractable. The option of top built-in displays is becoming more varied and customized nowadays, for this reason one must understand what they are and what characteristics they have, the new built-in designs designed by World Trade Display.

The “Built-In” solution can be selected for any screen size. It is an elegant and very current solution, which is installed retractable along with the profile of own interactive solution, to take advantage of the now increasingly demanded “Apple Style” effect in the industrial world, an innovative approach of look and a more engaging design.

In fact, the particular recess generates a solution a great aesthetic impact, and its mostly adopted with aluminum profiles, iron, synthetic materials, glass or wood, allowing for a greater surface area available due to the absence of edges. Even cleaning and hygiene are easier and faster due to the absence of protrusions that can retain dust or dirt.


With over 25 years of experience in information technology and sales in over 32 different countries around the world, World Trade Display has all the necessary resources to ensure the development of any digital project at any scale in order to allow companies to compete in their own reference market.

The offer includes design and direct supply of displays in different concepts, both in formats and technologies, as well as the ability to create custom projects with specific requests on any digital asset.

Starting from the traditional industrial open frame to more engaging interactive displays in varying and multiple technologies, right up to the most engaging video walls, touch table and floor stands, all dynamic messaging distributors and even more common in today’s public spaces in diverse market sectors, with technical coverage always guaranteed and an absolute innovative design.

The mission of the World Trade Display is to provide the tools and an overview, to create interactive revolutionary ideas that make companies more competitive.

Choose easily and independently technologically ideal solutions for your business that best suits you, and together we will make possible the most suitable project for your needs and your customers, designing them, integrating and making them even on demand.

That’s why World Trade Display projects aren’t just keeping up with the times, but are a step forward!!!

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With over 25 years of experience in the design and marketing of interactive displays and digital signage, WTD stands out for the integration of the latest technologies and industry trends in all its solutions created to date, for an ever-greater emotional involvement of people.


Jun 18


World Trade Display still protagonist with one of the many “Google 2019 Events” in synergy with its own players / partners also in Rome capitol city.

The Google event organized in a splendid “open space” setting in front of the marvelous “Altare della Patria&#...


World Trade Display forecasts market trends that see the birth of new innovative displays with cutting-edge technologies, characterized by interactivity and creativity in terms of design.

The strategy in developing new productive and innovative ideas, is a background to the company’s culture of today’s WTD, always encouraged by the founder Riccardo Taccardi towards his team, continuously seeking new styles and technological solutions, both for displays and in the digital signage world ahead of its time, is today a company constant.

With this in mind, innovation has become over the years a standard working method in World Trade Display production, which systemizes, puts into practice and adequately assesses the innovative proposals made by and above all international customers, to better meet their demands and various requests.

Ideas for transforming new projects into reality, today essential for customers, represent a real method of working in the production sector, where one can develop digital solutions that companies need to turn new concepts into reality, always chasing innovation, involving the industry and retail channel to new ad hoc development routes for the growth of their digital reality.

The purpose is therefore to give feasibility to ideas that deserve it, develop and implement them together with the customers, to provide the productive and technological capacity, also with the technical skills background for assistance, finally helping its partners in their interactive development, ensuring their products are stable over time and reliable.


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