One of our main priorities is the recruitment and technical training of talented people, and at the same time to
offer advanced technical support to our customers.

With its own specific organization within it, World Trade Display ensures accurate technical support “around the world” and best meets the needs of customers in different sectors.

The request of the R.M.A. number is part of the process for the replacement and/or repair of any defective products both during the warranty period and after.

The purchaser of the product must fill out the form below to obtain permission to return the product exclusively by courier to our company.

Request your R.M.A. – Return Merchandise Authorization

To receive permission to return goods, please fill out the application form below, providing all necessary information. Any incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration by our technical department.

The R.M.A. number generated must be visible outside of the packaging in order to be received, and no return will be accepted without this number clearly visible.

The product must be delivered exclusively free of port.


To receive permission to return goods, please fill out the application form below, providing all the necessary information.
Any incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration by our technical department.


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ART. 1 – Field of application
The general conditions described here apply to the supplying of goods or services, for any purpose or reason, by our company.

ART. 2 – Electromagnetic compatibility and safety
Our company certifies that the goods supplied respect the applicable standards regarding magnetic compatibility and safety; any obligatory declarations are detailed on the plaques or labels on the products, as well as on the technical documents which are attached or available from us. Recipients are obliged to use or sell the supplied goods ensuring the integrity, completeness and effective usability of this information.

ART. 3 – Guarantees
The goods and services supplied are to be considered covered by a guarantee from our company under the terms and conditions as shown and described in this document The term takes effect from the date of manufacture of the product or from the date of completion of the activities required for the supply of services. The guarantee is exclusively limited to the normal functioning of the supplied goods and to the result of the service rendered. The restoration to normal functioning of the goods supplied will be carried out at our centre. Our company does not assume any responsibility for the functioning of supplied goods in the presence of weather conditions or technical conditions different from those prescribed by us and normally written in the technical documents. We explicitly deny any responsibility for direct or indirect damage not deriving from malfunctioning. The guarantee lapses in the case of the buyer failing to fulfil payments.

The guarantee for all products marketed by World Trade Display meets the European standards agreements of 1 year warranty and is managed directly by World Trade Display, under the terms and conditions herein shown.
The product must be returned carriage free, in its original packaging and without any damage to its structure.


• If the label carrying the serial number of the device has been altered or tampered with;
• Damage or breakage caused by transportation;
• Damage or breakage deriving from acts of vandalism or natural disasters or caused deliberately;
• Incorrect or faulty installation of the product;
• Inadequacies or anomalies in the electric power system;
• Carelessness, negligence or incompetence in the use of the product;
• Failure to comply with the instructions for use;
• Interventions for presumed faults or checks already carried out for convenience;
• Unauthorized interventions on the product.

In any case interventions or manipulation carried out on supplied goods by persons not authorized by us results in the immediate lapse of the guarantee. We have carefully considered, to the best of our knowledge and including in manufacturing practices, the issue of the inviolability of supplied goods by people who wish to deliberately alter the functioning of these goods. However we do not assume any responsibility for any illicit conduct or damage which.
ART. 4 – Deliveries
The supplied goods are considered to be delivered from the moment and in the place in which they are delivered to the carrier or transporter; our company does not therefore assume any responsibility for total or partial subtraction, damage or delays connected with the transportation. The recipient is required to scrupulously write on the transport documents, at the moment of delivery, any faults or damage immediately recognizable in the supplied goods. The refusal on the part of the buyer to accept or collect all or part of the ordered goods does not suspend the obligation of payment.

ART. 5 – Right of lien
The supplied goods are to be considered explicitly the property of our company until the effective and complete payment of the agreed price.

ART. 6 – Returned goods
The returning of defective goods or rendering of goods for repair must be explicitly authorized by us. We reserve the right to refuse the returning of goods or to provide you with a return destination different from our premises. The responsibility for returned goods is assumed by us only from the moment of the actual delivery at the address provided by the buyer. provided by the buyer.

ART. 7 – Law applied; court
The supplies covered by these general conditions are regulated by Italian law. Any arising controversy will be dealt with exclusively by the court of Rimini.