GREAT PEOPLE CREATE GREAT COMPANIES GREAT PEOPLE CREATE GREAT COMPANIES Ultra Wide Stretched Bar Display Shelf-edge Display is about the special application on shelf edge for smart retail solutions. We can provide both
shelf header LCD Displays and shelf-edge LCD Displays.
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GREAT PEOPLE CREATE GREAT COMPANIES High Brightness Window Facing Display Our High Brightness Street Window Facing Display offers unparalleled visibility and clarity, making it the perfect
choice for storefront advertising and promotional displays.
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GREAT PEOPLE CREATE GREAT COMPANIES IP66 Outdoor Open Frame High Brightness Display With its durable open frame design and IP66 rating, it is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions.
The high brightness feature ensures that the display is easily visible even in direct sunlight, making it ideal for
outdoor advertising and information display purposes.
Its sleek design and easy installation make it a great addition to any outdoor setting.
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To Design And Improve Our Business
Dynamic Messaging becomes a key strategic asset to improve productivity and
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Your Digital Transformation Company

World Trade Display is your “Digital Transformation Company” that sustains innovation, speeding-up the digital transformation of your business.

WTD accompanies more and more entrepreneurs towards a process of awareness, in which digitization becomes a key strategic asset to improve productivity and efficiency. Thanks to its innovative digital displays, World Trade Display transforms business ideas into interactive experiences that can improve the lives of organizations and people.

World Trade Display, ISO9001 certified company, designs and markets, its own WTD brand, it personalized interactive solutions in the field of “Display & Digital Signage”, involving the user in a unique and professional interactive experience.


World Trade Display is an international player specializing in the design and direct production of displays and digital signage solutions with a high emotional and communicative impact.

Thanks to its strong consolidated sales over the decades and its highly qualified assistance, it’s able to cover the needs of over 32 countries around the world. The commercial offer is wide and varied, designing and marketing independently the entire brand range of WTD products, making it able to meet multiple solutions through its products.

Over the years, World Trade Display has developed a special ability to penetrate international markets, by means of strategies and partnerships with more established “panel makers” worldwide, creating with them a broad and deep working relationship, up to obtaining the ability to independently design and offer its own personalized solutions on the international market; developing also operational synergies designed specifically for the customer, based on the best quality/price ratio and also, on the new technologies of the future available.

World Trade Display has always invested in new market segments efficiently and promptly, today is ha reached an international leadership position that offers a vast and wider range of products in various technological solutions, which now form an integral part of our everyday life, in an industry where technology continues to seize unlimited possibilities for the future.

Always with more interactive technologies and above all, consistency in designing and developing new product lines, World Trade Display meets and responds also to the constant requests for Dynamic Messaging Solutions.


In 1993, the “start-up” year, the core business of the company, then known as Worldtrade, primarily focused on the world of information technology and more specifically on the distribution of basic components for the assembly of personal computers, covering the entire assembly process.

In the ‘90s, it became one of the most popular companies in Italy that would then contribute to creating the entire national wholesale market of information technology; in the following years, with new digital technologies that gave a boost to several fields of application, the company responded to an ever more complex and frequent demand in the interactive display sector.

In fact, during the 2000s, the company diverted its experience in the exclusive area of displays, this following a precise choice made by the current president and founder “Riccardo Taccardi”, leading the company to be a single player of its kind, to contemplate a wider commercial audience and at an international level.

From 2010 onwards, World Trade Display has realized an important process of development, passing from mere marketing to directly designing and manufacturing its entire range of products, now marketed under its own WTD brand.

Special attention was also given to the so-called “Digital Signage”, whose demand is growing steadily around the world due to the increasing number of applications and the high usability in public areas such as “Dynamic Messaging Solutions”.


Giving shape to innovative ideas that can make changes to a business, to making a difference everyday, that’s why World Trade Display is the ideal partner to support you in the path of digital transformation.

Visual Displays with high emotional impact, innovation in interactive technologies and passion for the world of digital signage, remains our company’s focus, where we continue to design innovative display concepts increasingly trendy and high-tech, and develop new business opportunities with our customers for years to come.

Our goal is to propose solutions in the field of display and dynamic messaging to accompany entrepreneurs, towards a process of awareness in which digitization becomes a key strategic asset to improve productivity and efficiency. A mission that we at WTD perform with passion because we believe in the cultural and social value of innovation, in technology as a source for development also for the smaller companies.

We invest in the future and we want to conquer it, with you …
… that’s why World Trade Display projects aren’t just simply in step with the times, but a step ahead!!!


World Trade Display is one of the major players in the field of interactive solutions and digital signage, which designs, and markets products directly developed for industrial realities.

The system integrators in turn develop 360-degree solutions for their customers, develop ideas in different sectors and commercial landscapes, which are more in need of stable and reliable industrial suppliers over time, to realize new ideas and projects, such as those illustrated here below.


World Trade Display designs and markets both embedded and wall-mounted industrial products or in a kiosk / floor standing totem version, to better realize the different types of projects in the various digital signage sectors. Knowing how to give a touch of elegance as well as being easy to install is now feasible thanks to the new innovative solutions with an ultra-thin design created by World Trade Display.
We design digital displays that transform the way people interact with companies and we are determined to find sustainable strategic approaches and create exceptional experiences through new products that we design and produce ourselves.

What do we do!

World Trade Display is a leading provider of digital signage and custom display solutions in more than one continent; We offer a wide range of dynamic signage services that can be adaptability to specific customer needs. We support you in every phase of your business, from design, production, technical support, and after-sales services. Our product portfolio includes digital signage, video walls, touch kiosks, interactive display totems, outdoor interactive kiosks, touch presentation whiteboards, ultra-extendable screens, etc. for use in gaming, interactive kiosks in public places, hospitality systems, turn signal displays, interactive retail displays and transportation applications, just to name a few!

We respond to our customers’ inquiries by actively listening to their concerns and providing answers to their problems. We strive for constant growth by setting challenging goals, listening to their needs, and learning from our customers’ experiences; to promote cooperation and create innovation, valuing diversity of thought. We are among the best digital signage companies.

Our solutions!

Our digital signage displays are designed for advertising in today’s market, digital signage offers many advertising features in a variety of media formats. We provide a platform that simplifies the creation and centralized management of digital distributions, while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to local business conditions and audience preferences in real time. We are famous for our innovations and using the best technologies to create intelligent, easy-to-use, and flexible digital signage systems, providing new visual solutions for work, meeting, play, transport, and learning, hoping to inspire the customer to see the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Our solutions enhance the customer experience, increase sales and services, create an attractive environment, strengthen the brand, and improve the working environment at all levels. We are innovation specialists, customer experience active and innovation partners trusted by globally renowned brands. As we continue to produce creative innovation, we are constantly alert to bold new technology opportunities in the digital signage industry.


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Interactive Digital Display
Curved Gaming Display
Interactive Whiteboard
Window Facing Display
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Indoor Kiosk Digital Signage
Outdoor Kiosk Digital Signage
Stretched Display
LCD/ LED Wall Solutions


The technical skills of the workers to World Trade Display are important, but even more so are our attitudes such as curiosity, ideas, passion, desire to change things and ability to get excited over new projects, in order to feel at ease even out of our so-called “Comfort-Zone”.

WTD is not just a system integrator of products, but a company of professionals in the field of information technology & digital signage that with an experience of over 25 years, designs and markets its WTD brand products directly, based on the specific demands of international customers.


A large company is always guided by great people, and these people have the ability to lead large companies, it is up to us to show you how.

We invest in the future and we want to conquer it with you, that’s why we accompany entrepreneurs and managers of human resources, towards a process of awareness in which digitization becomes a key strategic asset to improve productivity and efficiency.

News & Events

News and events from the information technology sector; a meeting point and an inspiration to rediscover with all those who work in the technology industry, from new productions and projects created and designed by WTD along with its customer base, up until discovering all new technologies available in today’s market and the future of digital display and signage solutions.

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World Trade Display covers a wide range of strategic alliances with customers worldwide to ensure a steady and stable relationship over time and in the same manner is an industrial partner that designs and directly produces all display & digital signage solutions worldwide, always ready for delivery already in Italy.

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