WORLD TRADE DISPLAY, The latest technology for the industries

With over 25 years of experience in the design and marketing of monitor and digital signage, WTD stands out for the integration of the latest technologies and industry trends in all its solutions created to date, for an ever-greater emotional involvement of people.

The Italian company, with factories in joint ventures directly in the Far East, has always designed and produced innovative solutions for the industrial market with a constant search for interactivity to obtain the maximum level of entertainment with the public and from 2019 presents the latest and eye-catching series of monitor touch for the high-impact “Show Spot” called NUBY.

Following the latest market trends and the avant-garde in electronics, the new “Open-Cell Technology” monitor touch concept called NUBY has a very low profile in anodized and shiny aluminum and includes both the interactive and non-interactive versions, in addition to have the flexibility to integrate them with the PC All in One Version solution, for a connection via Wi-Fi directly to the network to take advantage of remote program uploads and thus be able to project videos, photos, commercials and other customized software high emotional impact.

Designed to meet the needs of all system integrators and / or software houses, they are characterized by a high degree of innovation and quality; In fact, WTD confirms the desire to innovate and satisfy the continuous requests of international customers.

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