It is impossible to talk about World Trade Display without mentioning the projects that have distinguished the WTD brand in Europe in the display & digital signage solutions sector over the last 30 years, in fact the company exploits its strengths, such as prompt delivery, ‘innovative design and the flexibility of creating “Custom” projects to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Strengthened by experience in direct production with its own joint-venture factories in the far-east, where it directly designs its own solutions; WTD presents SUMMUW, its new “Concept” in the world of Self-Service ePayment Ticketing Kiosk. Designed to meet the needs of purchasing goods & services, it already includes all the different recognition systems and payment methods to minimize waiting times for users; all of this, always with extreme attention dedicated to the design that distinguishes WTD solutions so much, the Italian Style is evident in this case too, but without forgetting the high reliability of the product over time.

WTD, known for its experience in the technologies of the display & digital signage world, has already ventured successfully into the universe of kiosk e-ticketing solutions for a few years; SUMMUW, the new kiosk solution was designed to satisfy the requests of an increasingly demanding clientele in a rapidly expanding market such as that of the sale of goods & services online with automated payment methods, such as for ticketing services or for the world of online gaming.

In fact, this innovative range of kiosks incorporates the most advanced technical features on the market, such as facial recognition (if desired) and incorporates the new standards for remote wireless & contactless payment, making flexibility and ease of use excellently combined with a robust and functional structure.

Users are increasingly opting for an “easier” and more interactive lifestyle via smartphone, which is why they prefer purchases where waiting times are minimized thanks to innovative technologies such as webcams, NFC Cards, QR Code readers as well as indispensable dated, but always convenient, POS reader. In fact, it is precisely thanks to these technological advances in making payments that today we can choose from a wide range of products & services, even remotely.

Wide range of solutions

WTD presents itself as the optimal supplier for all those players who want to increase their digital signage installations with their own applications, but who do not accept downward compromises in the design and reliability of the products over time, especially those intended for outdoor use.

Another advantage offered by WTD is that it responds, in the vast majority of cases, always pragmatically to the needs of prompt delivery of goods, helping to make its partners increasingly reliable and credible in the eyes of their respective customers, also for the possible solutions of the future.

Not in vain, World Trade Display has always actively made its capital capacity available for years in the availability of products to customers; proof of this is the loyalty and stability of the latter over decades, even for on-demand solutions.

World Trade Display is an ISO 9001 certified company