Digital Signage by WTD at the Porsche event

Advertising is known, … it is the soul of commerce; and in fact the multiple solutions offered by World Trade Display for the VendingGaming and above all Digital Signage offer endless business possibilities for any business; intended as both monitor touch & open frame touch small and medium-sized interactive recessed displays, and in regard to large format monitors with direct or indirect interactive even through the new Hanging Monitor also with double display

The new forms of advertising through videowallfloor standing and touch tables are captivating and unavoidable. All these solutions have been designed and marketed by WTD for many years in advance, with a guarantee of design stability over time and a technical assistance service without compromises.

Also, at the last Porsche event, for the presentation of the new 2018/2020 models of the prestigious car manufacturer, the Digital Signage solutions of the World Trade Display, thanks to the new design of the ZEN touch table, together with the always-appreciated floor standing  of the series ARTIC, they have made furnishings as well as information point, to the car show held in Imola.


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