WTD, the company of innovative and transversal solutions in the display & digital signage solutions sector, launches three different new series of products dedicated to heavy outdoor solutions, based on the Industrial LVDS Panel + Air Gap Space with Cooling Fan System technology.

In fact, a parallel conflict to the geopolitical one is being fought in the world of kiosks: it is the war against the black-screen effect.

According to the latest reports in the distribution sector, the sector of kiosks with outdoor use is up by 18.4% compared to 2022, with a consequent growth in problems regarding displays that under the sun show the limits of solutions with commercial panels . Furthermore, globally, the growth of outdoor installations is 79% from one year to the next.

With a view to building more and more professional outdoor vending machines capable of withstanding direct sunlight even 24 hours a day, World Trade Display has designed a series of monitors, touch monitors and open frames with special technical characteristics called SMAT; EDAR and GEN.

These new types of products develop a series of technical synergies which guarantee excellent functioning of the vending machines even in extreme environmental conditions.

For example, GEN is WTD‘s innovative solution for protecting companies and individuals from the Black-Screen effect under direct sunlight in their outdoor installations, revolutionizing the approach to kiosk construction methodology, overcoming the old method which infinite metal-frames in a complicated “cluster” of fans, wiring, metal frames, screws as well as the touch screen and the relative LCD panel, all in order to create an adequate air exchange inside

To date, all this complicated process has been surpassed by WTD, creating in a single solution already created in the factory, an open frame capable of giving excellent technical performance and total guarantee of excellent functioning even under direct sunlight without black screen effect; the GEN series, in fact, is a single device that incorporates a whole series of construction methods and technologies with unique components capable of eliminating the risk of the black screen effect

Both the SMAT series and the GEN series are outdoor solutions that combine both a Wide Industrial Panel capable of withstanding operating temperatures from minus 35° to +85° with also a special design that allows it to have an Air-Gap Space between the panels and the 08mm PCAP sensor to ensure that the cooling fan system, already present inside it, constantly pushes an air rush from the bottom to the top automatically; all controlled and commanded by a special microchip with indicative LED display on the back, to automatically adjust the stabilization of the temperature for internal use, i.e. between the optimal 28° and 31° centigrade degrees; the result is an improvement in the ventilation and sharpness of the images, thus implementing an optimization of both the costs and production times of the kiosks themselves.

World Trade Display‘s outdoor solutions are able to reduce labor costs by over 60% in the kiosk assembly phase by exploiting the convenience of a single component with only 6 screws for fixing and guaranteeing energy savings between 18 and 23% if compared to the consumption of the various components taken individually.

The different series have been designed for the production of kiosks in the most complex sectors (Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Building Automation, Logistics) without installation constraints (hardware, software or hybrid) and perfectly scalable to small and medium infrastructures that do not want equipping with too many spare parts also in the spare parts sector, but who do not want to give up checking and securing their devices with a more than safe, efficient and unassailable production methodology as well as being able to take advantage of a wide choice of different PCAP touch screen sensors such as the AG Antiglare or AR Anti Reflex versions, all in any case always in tempered and anti-vandal glass.

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