The ability of World Trade Display to adapt at any time to new market needs leads the WTD company to offer solutions to all types of customers, even on a small scale. In fact, the strong expansion of the company’s product ranges from 2020 onwards divides its offer into different divisions, which include:

Open Frame Touch:
Interactive screens and not in embedded or wallmount version
Digital Signage
Solutions equipped both with Android system and / or with PC card.
Order Kiosk
Purchasing and ordering automatically has never been easier.
Touch Table
Information points available to customers that can be remotely updated.
Wide screen images to engage users more.
Offer automated solutions for the healthcare sector for the COVID-19 emergency.

In this sector, the value of design and marketing is very high since it is a question of offering products that our competitors do not produce in such a dynamic and on-demand manner as WTD, such as, for example, designing and designing a new “custom” product adaptable to the exclusive needs of the individual customer, in just 25 days!!!
Based on this diversified offer, World Trade Display intends to continue expanding on an international scale through new players and strengthening existing collaborations, even though the information technology sector is a very dynamic sector and with highly experienced professionals who are always well informed about the market.