WTD during the Venditalia 2024 event will be promoting a wide range of products and new concepts, specifically designed for the Vending world, such as the highly appreciated Portable Digital Poster, perfect for use outdoors or at the entrance of businesses in general; while as for our range of Outdoor Displays, for several years now we have been designing solutions that incorporate special “Cooling Fan System” inside them as well as a Microchip for automatic control of heat stability inside.

So-called “Stretched Displays” also contribute to expanding the wide range of WTD solutions featured at this edition of Venditalia 2024; in large-scale retail, but not only, the ability to remotely update prices and product descriptions helps save time and money for staff in large-scale retail centers, as well as update offers to customers in real time.

In recent years, the Vending industry has also transformed, perhaps it would be better to say converted, to the need to disseminate “Dynamic Messaging” remotely, including and especially through “Window Facing Displays” for storefronts and shopping malls, resulting in a greater demand for interactive and larger solutions.