September has arrived … and brings with it the time for news, from new projects to be implemented to activities to dedicate to (or, at least, think about doing it!)

As you know we like to take care of our customers and always give them new ideas and possible new projects, both for the world of order kiosks and related touch screen monitors to be integrated, and for the more dynamic ideas of dynamic messaging such as floor standing, touch table & videowall; that is the so-called Digital Signage solutions, both indoors and outdoors

Inevitably once again upon returning from vacation … we return to investing with new ideas in all those sectors such as Vending, Gaming, Hospitality, and related associated services.

With World Trade Display, you absolutely must not think that you cannot have safe industrial solutions, even and above all for those kiosks that are also exposed 24 hours a day under the direct sun outside. The demand for outdoor solutions, increasingly requested in both the industrial and retail world, must be supported and followed by a stable supplier over time and always active in the search for the latest news.

The first thing to do certainly is to focus on the type of panel to be used, in order to avoid the risk of the black panel, and it is very important to know how to choose in the complicated market of panel makers, and it is also in this that World Trade Display helps to fulfill the customer requests and explain and train the right skills, especially for those who develop the technologies and ideas of new outdoor automatic kiosks on their own.

Being able to rely on a partner like WTD that develops new ideas, both in design and in innovative technological processes, guarantees sure success, as with the new BOND series of open frame touch screens developed with the LOCA Optical Bonding process and with industrial panels resistant to over 85 ° C degrees in operating mode.

The choice of a stable player such as WTD that has existed for over 28 years, guarantees many services, including goods ready for delivery in Italy, electronic components entrusted to it, and direct assistance with professional staff in both Italian and English, guaranteeing profit and growth to the customers. companies.

Not having to deal with companies from the far Far-East, where by now lived experiences demonstrate once again the impossibility of a reliable daily management, both as returned goods under guarantee and, as strategies that can be pursued in the reality where one operates, leading to higher costs and lower profits, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic which amplified these difficulties already existing before and brought out the true limits of such relationships at a distance and with different cultures.

WTD always listens, designs and innovates ….. following the ideas of its partners!

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