Production over 35,000 pieces

Between 2013 and 2019, World Trade Display has increased its production up to over 35,000 pieces / year through factories in joint-ventures in the Far East.

The reason for this was the desire to offer more and more completely vertical and innovative solutions in the world of Display & Digital Signage, this to make up for the continuous search of entrepreneurs to grant their customers new market trends, with dynamic and multi-interattivi, in the field of dell’ospitalità, retail, medical, gaming and others, in a new form and dimension.

Among the more than 700 articles of different production, the videowalls stand out with the new requests for more and more constant conference calls, and the new lines of monitor touch with Bezel Built-In profile to obtain the “Flat Apple Style” version

WTD specialized in interactive systems, also introduces in its catalog from 2019, new lines of Digital Signage Outdoor  to cover also those solutions that must support environmental conditions from -40 to +75 ° degrees and that are increasingly required by the professional industrial market, thanks to the new series of floor standing & monitor outdoor called “Monolith

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