WTD Announces Launch of Its New 2023 Display & Digital Signage Solutions, a whole renewed indoor-outdoor range, both in terms of design and even more advanced technical performance.

World Trade Display has expanded and renewed many of its product ranges since 2023 to bring together a full interactive service offering for customers in the Vending, Gaming, Automotive and Digital Signage in general.

On the one hand, the entire range of TACC series displays is renewed, both in the built-in version and in the Wallmount version, starting from the smallest 7″ inch up to 43 inches, but also in this regard the EGAN Large Display series, from 32″ up to 110 inches, all with new and updated Android systems and the latest generations of PC motherboards, thanks to which you will have even more performing touch solutions…

… on the other hand, the JOY floor standing series also undergoes a profound transformation, becoming even thinner thanks to the new “latest generation Open-Cell” panels; and finally the whole series of EDAR & GEN open frame touch monitors for outdoor use even under direct sunlight 24 hours a day, have all been enhanced with more performing LED panels and cooling fan system with automatic control via microchip.

Instead, as an absolute novelty, “SUMMUW” is presented, the new terminal with “ePayment Kiosk” function with a complete range of accessories already integrated inside it such as, Thermal Printer, Webcam, NFC & QR Code Reader and a special compartment for positioning the POS, to allow both the various recognition systems and credit card payments in a totally automated way and make SUMMUW, an innovative automated payment terminal that can operate both with the Android system and with Linux / Windows PC systems.

With SUMMUW, all payments are made over the network and fees are collected by the customer’s bank; SUMMUW is also available in different colors and with different PCAP technology touch monitors such as 21.5/ 23.8/ 27/ 32 inches to improve the interactive experience and show more information simultaneously on the display, as well as having a high brightness for all those outdoor environments where light often creates problems.

Riccardo Taccardi explains, … World Trade Display has now become the multi-service reality for the world of display & digital signage solutions in general; in fact, with over 6,000 devices sold in Europe and other international realities also this year, WTD offers its industrial customers and integrated service providers new projects based on the specific requests to satisfy any ad-hoc need, thanks to a tested and stable joint-venture in the far-east active for over 29 years with its own factories.

World Trade Display designs and markets its products under its own WTD brand, officially registered in the various institutional offices and has a range of products that are always certified for various all-round uses, both indoors and outdoors, responding exhaustively to the continuous innovations in interactive solutions.

With its own professional team in the technical support sector, World Trade Display operates both remotely and online for any problem that may arise, including after-sales.