World Trade Display combines the best technologies for Display & Digital Signage Solutions with the highest quality panels for optimal performance, providing an incredible result.

WTD products offer an improved visualization and interactivity experience with a wide selection of solutions, both in terms of dimensions and design, also for devices such as Floor Standing, Touch Table; built-in or wall-mounted displays and also for Self-Service Kiosk solutions always in total safety through the mobile phone.

Even in the so-called Automotive world, WTD stands out with very reliable technologies regarding 7 / 10,1 / 13; 3-inch touch monitors, with integrated connectivity that allows you to manage the machine remotely also thanks to Android systems or with integrated Windows PCs.

The World Trade Display 2022 site opens up new opportunities, such as navigation between the different product categories allowing the identification of indoor & outdoor products instantly, as well as offering at the same time online datasheets for the technical specifications of any product present

Thanks to joint ventures with various factories directly in the Far East, WTD overcomes the obstacles of deliveries and reduces Covid’s price increases in time.

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