The 35° edition of Enada Spring 2023 which will be held from 14 March to 17 March 2023 at the Rimini Fair, represents the main Italian opportunity to see WTD products of excellence, conceived and designed expressly for the Gaming Amusement sector, already directly integrated within the gaming solutions of the various international players in the sector who will be present at the event.

In fact, the many manufacturers of Video Lottery, Slot Machines and Gaming Hall fitters have always invested in the many displays designed and conceived by WTD, always guaranteeing highly engaging solutions for the most varied uses in the sector.

The historic company from Rimini designs & markets over 14 different series of products for the “Gaming Amusement” sector, responding positively and promptly to the continuous requests for new lines and new display designs, which the company constantly designs and innovates with its joint factories – Venture directly to the far-east; starting from high-brightness monitors to ultra-thin multi-display stretched shops, up to the most engaging large-sized Curved Light-Bar Surround Multicolor interactive displays in both “C” Type and “J” Type versions, always in 4K resolution.

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