World Trade Display
increasingly accompanies entrepreneurs towards a process of awareness in which digitization becomes a fundamental strategic asset for improving productivity and efficiency. “World Trade Display explains Riccardo Taccardi, founder of the company – is the ideal partner to give shape to innovative products capable of bringing change to the business, to make a difference every day and support companies in the path of ‘digital transformation‘ with cutting-edge ‘display & digital signage‘ solutions, such as, among others, the innovative self-service kiosk with interactive PCAP technology complete with payment systems, barcode reader, QR Code, scanner, and even advanced thermal printer, more and more engaging and effective for dynamic messaging even remotely applied to the Vending sector.

The growing use of remote products in “Dynamic Messaging” has developed new product concepts in WTD both in built-in and wallmount versions and easily configurable in both indoor and outdoor scenarios, where often the high brightness and contrast at high temperatures. Reliable and increasingly thin solutions, such as the new panels used by the Rimini company in “Open-Cell” monitor touch screen & open frame touch that make the product reliable and highly performing through innovative technology, in order to take advantage of interactive digital signage solutions even in those environments where until now interactivity with these products remained problematic, both for the size and for the adverse environments.

The new Monitor Touch & Open Frame Touch Open-Cell technology displays of World Trade Display as well as thin, respect the environment and above all stand out for their absolutely captivating design, suitable for both retail and industrial installations, the latter sector where World Trade Display stands out as a leader for many years internationally. The future scenario sees the market of digital signage solutions in continuous expansion and World Trade Display follows the market trends by providing innovative solutions and always design solutions as well as highly technological, to improve performance and increase productivity to companies by reducing management costs.

Guaranteeing an elegant and modern aesthetic to the main players in the Vending sector in general. the new, increasingly exciting and emotionally engaging WTD displays offer multi-touch solutions in a wide range of technologies and sizes, completely satisfying international companies in the Vending  sector; from the more traditional recessed open frame touch with “Zero Bezel” profile to the most innovative digital kiosks with any upgrade and / or complete for security and payments

Today World Trade Display is a team of over 12 people, which operates in Europe with direct productions in the Far-East through its factories in Joint-Venture, to develop synergies of projects with all the experience of those who know understand the customer in depth; In fact, giving shape to ideas, following the change and aligning with the new technologies of each business, helps to overcome the boundaries of the possible: to make a difference every day. World Trade Display is one of the main players in the field of display interactive and digital signage, which designs, designs and markets products designed for industrial companies in the Vending sector.

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