WTD Leading Company
At WTD, we are always looking to implement more technologically advanced and innovative solutions for outdoor installations, both as small-sized open frame touch monitors, such as the EDAR/ GEN series, and as regards large displays such as the WINK/ SMAT series, without forgetting the new outdoor floor standing kiosk concepts MONOLITH series. Thanks, in fact, to the use of special dual-function solutions, which integrate both powerful “Air Condition Systems” for cooling and innovative “Heather Custom Components” for heating; WTD is able to always guarantee excellent performance in all environmental conditions.

Industrial panels
Thanks to the use of special industrial panels that support operating temperatures from -25° to +80°; WTD always guarantees excellent screen performance compared to the use of classic commercial panels

Carefully designed design
Even for the different series of outdoor products, WTD always maintains a cutting-edge look and an attractive design, always contemplating thin if not ultra-thin profiles for particular series of products.

Cutting-edge components
The powerful cooling system with air conditioning or deep ventilation, with the exclusive use of so-called Heather Custom Component heaters, constantly guarantee the temperature around 28 degrees inside the various outdoor solutions, an optimal condition for the good functioning of the panel without develop the classic “Black Screen” effect at high temperatures or the “Freezing” effect at very low temperatures. These components, associated with specifically designed electronic engineering, are essential parts to obtain good operation in any outdoor installation and to guarantee perfect operation even in extreme environmental conditions.

Warranty & Support by WTD
Purchasing a product intended for outdoor use in WTD also means having the peace of mind of being able to count on a team of specialized technicians able to recommend the right device for your specific project from time to time, taking into account the individual environmental conditions and problems of installation.