SMAT Series solves your interactive outdoor solutions

The new series of outdoor monitors & touch monitors called SMAT is the revolutionary model of outdoor solution with small dimensions, capable of hosting all the latest and most reliable technologies of a display for outdoor use. The experience of the industry that chooses the SMAT by WTD series is unique, thanks to the attractive aesthetics, technical innovation and excellent quality of the “Wide Industrial Panel -20 ° + 70 ° -105TNI Op. Temp.” which always and in any case guarantee operation without the annoying “Black Area Zone” forming in the panel even when remaining under the sun 24 hours a day at high temperatures.

The 6-8 mm anti-vandal touch screen which can be both AG Antiglare and AR Anti-Reflex greatly expands the range of solutions as well as the ad-hoc use options. Thanks to a powerful integrated “Cooling Fan System”, it increases the recycling and cooling of the air which is thus always guaranteed even in the most extreme environmental conditions for internal recycling.

The industrial panel with high brightness at 3,000 Nits then guarantees an always appropriate lighting thanks to the Light-Sensor that manages the brightness automatically in order to save on operating costs, also improving user involvement.

The different solutions studied by WTD, whether with Media Player, Android or PC Board, are designed with a renewed and slimmer structure, but always very resistant, allowing to satisfy even the most demanding customers with regard to vandalism. In addition, the opening with the hydraulic bracket allows an investigation, should it be necessary, really simple and immediate, both for repairs and for the suggested cyclic cleaning

With a touch and no touch display, and a wide choice of sizes such as: 32/43/49/55/65/75 inches with USB / HDMI port, the SMAT series, thanks to its technical features designed exclusively for outdoor use, guarantee reliability and unlimited choice.

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