Outdoor Solutions & Design

A modern and elegant “Digital Solution” created by World Trade Display on the 2019, so called MONOLITH, designed and marketed for the external solutions

Specifically designed for public areas and professional outdoor environments, this new series of outdoor floor standing Monolith, with its impressive dimensions and certainly impact, revolutionizes information systems and entertainment in public areas and outdoor environments

With a wide range  of interactive features integrated with the latest technologies, the new floor standing design allows you to enjoy, among other things, a professional air conditioner inside that can always stabilize the temperature with the optimal one from -40° up to 70°; ensuring 24/24 functionality, 7 days on week, even in contexts subjected to high-stress environmental excursions, such as rain, cold, snow, condensation … etc. … etc.

Creativity and design contribute to forging the Monolith series as a product high range standard, both as technical performance and design to be integrated into the cities.



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