World Trade Display has created a special range of products dedicated solely and exclusively to the so-called “Outdoor” solutions, especially for those subjected to particular environmental conditions.

he new range of “Outdoor” products designed and marketed by WTD includes various solutions ranging from touch screen monitors to the most impressive floor standing touch kiosk totems, all with special technical features dedicated to extreme outdoor environments.

The new series of floor standing outdoor kiosk totems by World Trade Display called MONOLITH, is dedicated to digital information for outdoor use, and is equipped with a simple but modern design, it can be used easily in many and different city contexts, also with 3,500 nits or more, very high brightness and maximum resolution in Full-HD or 4K, it also meets the IP65 standard to work correctly in the most difficult outdoor contexts, and is ideal for multiple projects offering attractive performance for outdoor dynamic messaging.

Together with the range of kiosk floor standing touch outdoor totems, WTD has also designed several lines of monitors & touch screen monitors, always for outdoor use, all made together with the first ones, in “Optical Bonding” technology or with a special so-called LOCA industrial process. (Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive).

From today you too can communicate in an effective and functional way without surprises your digital messages outside, moreover also in particular environmental conditions thanks to a wide range of kiosk floor standing totems and monitors & touch screen monitors all designed for a perfect and safe outdoor use, especially ensuring that the panel does not turn black, even when the kiosk is exposed to direct sunlight 24 hours a day.

The different series of outdoor floor standing kiosk totems and touch screen monitors & monitors designed and marketed directly by World Trade Display are ideal both in single installations (permanent or temporary) controlled remotely from a PC, and in multiple installations, with remote management. and coordinated content via an external platform accessible from the web, thus becoming perfect for airports, railway stations, city squares, pedestrian areas and so on.

The entire range of multimedia kiosk totems and touch screen monitors & monitors for outdoor use are specifically made of painted or stainless steel, with a mechanical structure designed to guarantee the most absolute anti-shattering and vandal-proof safety in compliance with the IP65 standard certification. They are all equipped with a fan ventilation system, or if you prefer, as in many cases, with air conditioning systems already inside them, to keep the internal temperature absolutely constant even in the most extreme conditions and guarantee their correct functioning always and in any case, from -30 ° up to + 60 ° degrees.

All the series of outdoor floor standing kiosk totems and touch screen monitors & monitors are equipped with power connectors, electrical system with differential, safety locks for outdoor use, 650 W thermostat, front protection glass, platform for fixing to the ground and are therefore perfect solutions for extreme environments even outdoors.

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