The Display & Digital Signage solutions, designed and marketed worldwide by World Trade Display with its own WTD brand, are an interactive and emotionally engaging form of communication, to make the interaction between machine and customer increasingly profitable and faster

Both sectors, both Retail and Industrial, are the channels where our solutions are installed every day and contribute to raising both the quality of the images and the interaction with the customer, also through multimedia audiovisual content, or from simple monitor touch & open frame touch with special designs up to the most famous and impressive communicative LEDs & video walls.

The ability to edit and display content dynamically without forgetting the main objective, namely, to send a message to a specific place at a specific time, is an integral part of our solutions both remotely and wirelessly.

Even the displays of WTD  in this context, thanks to the special designs and technical characteristics, contribute to developing an interactive world increasingly requested by the international clients.

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