Our value proposition is clear: to offer simplified machine management along with a better user experience,” points out the founder of World Trade Display  Riccardo Taccardi.

With the new circumstances marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, which have forced companies to restructure their processes and adapt to the new social and economic landscape, it has led WTD  to focus many of its efforts on offering its customers products and solutions that are currently more required, such as the new ANTI COVID-19 devices for individual protection. We currently have up to five different product models dedicated to this purpose, sanitizing the user’s hands as well as measuring the temperature and checking the mask.

With more professional and highly technological components, namely a high definition camera to follow the customer’s face even on the move and also an improved temperature sensor in the effective distance calibration, thanks to the new “Melexistermoscanner, the latter to date the most famous & performing brand in the world as a termoscanner for measuring the right temperature, give this machine a distinctive precision.

The “DISPY” series and also the “NITIZ” series are and remain highly professional solutions in the panorama of meters of the temperature and recognition of the mask and with these further latest improvements and technological innovations among the most requested.

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