An icon, the new open frame of the IOWE series reinterpreted in a modern key, this is how World Trade Display describes its new “flush-top” industrial recessed display.
Ideal for system integrators and self-service kiosk manufacturers, but also for software houses, gaming, vending, as its versatility allows it to integrate into various contexts.
Thin and compact in size, it always offers impeccable results in the industrial world.”

IOWE is a series currently available in 5: 4 and 16: 9 formats also in full-HD resolution, and with sizes available from 15 “to 32” inches.
Thanks to its thin profiles, it can adapt in the most difficult contexts within kiosks; in particular, professionals appreciate the ability to be a flexible solution for the future as well, being able to be coupled with a touch screen on the front, thus allowing flexibility of interaction without having to change the display, all being managed independently by the personnel responsible for the transformation

The possibility of being powered with two different types of voltage, that is 12 or 220 Volts, offers the great peace of mind of being able to run only low voltage inside the kiosk, a feature much appreciated by customers, but not only for the certifications that often require this type of projects that contemplate open frames within them.

The practicality combined with the style of the WTD  products makes the IOWE series an unmistakable and excellent open frame, awarded since 2007 as one of the most marketed products in Europe in the entire range of products designed by World Trade Display; a guarantee of elegance, solidity and reliability destined to last over time.

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