For over a year World Trade Display has been developing a new concept of industrial open frame touch, which could satisfy both the needs of the various product sectors and the multiple environmental conditions, always and in any case with a single display model.

Since the latter is a revolution in the panorama of solutions applied to the industry, finally from the 1st quarter 2021 this new range of open frame touch called EDAR will be available, designed and marketed by WTD for its international customers which extends from 15″ to 55” inches, covering all intermediate cuts and sizes.

Below are the main optional technical features on the same product:

  • Same display with consumer panel that supports from -5°+45° degrees or with industrial panel that supports from -25°+75° degrees (No Black Screen 24h under the Sun)
  • Same display with standard PCAP Sensor indoor 4mm or with PCAP Sensor A.R. Tempered Antivandal / Antibrake from 6mm and over.
  • Same display with standard 250 Nits / Brightness LED Panel or with 1.000 Nits / High-Brightness LED Panel

The main innovation of this new exclusive EDAR series lies in the concept of performance flexibility without having to change model; in fact, the same product can be ordered with the different technical specifications described above while maintaining the same look and external dimensions.

A huge advantage, therefore, being able to take advantage of the same external dimensions of the display while having, for the same size, also a wide range of choice of technical / performance specifications for all environments, making your kiosk-machine solutions much more competitive both as production costs and timing.

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