As a professional player in the field of interactive displays, World Trade Display continues to develop value-added services to improve its competitiveness and expand the diverse applications of its products.

The new series of WTD open frame touchscreen PCAPs called “BOND” finds its right and best application in many industrial sectors, including especially in those extreme environments that require high reliability and stability.

In some conditions, in fact, the touch screen monitor must remain clean and not scratch the surface, in others, the touch screen must withstand shocks and malicious blows, withstanding humidity and extreme temperatures.

But it is in its reliability and resistance under the sun that the open frame touch screen by WTD BOND series develops its best functions and features, namely that of not making the panel become black and / or with shaded areas, even while remaining in operation. 24 hours a day in direct sunlight.

The BOND series of open frame touch screens in Optical Bonding technology is also available with an industrial panel (-25 ° + 75 ° degrees) and covers the entire range of sizes from 10.1 up to 55 inches.

Optical Bonding Technology Information’s

Increasing the readability of the screen in sunlight means increasing its extrinsic contrast ratio; this can be achieved by increasing the LCD backlight or by reducing the brightness of the reflected light, or both.

However, increasing the backlight will also increase the power consumption, plus the LCD heating will affect its reliability and consequently reducing the brightness of the reflected light is the most effective way to deal with these problems.

Gluing the touch screen or cover lens to the polarizer of the front side of the LCD with clear optical adhesive proves the best method, as the refractive index of the optical glue is the same as the cover glass, (both are 1.5), and thus eliminating two reflective surfaces, the backlight will also go from 500 lumens, which is excellent for reading in standard conditions to 800 lumens, perfect for reading in strong light. (obviously the lower the reflection, the higher the contrast ratio).

  • The brightness of the useful light on the display is lower than the brightness of the reflected light, so the traditional screen is poorly readable in bright light conditions.
  • Optical bonding greatly improves sunlight readability and increases reliability under extreme conditions.
  • Optical bonding eliminates the gap between the touch screen and display and compared to traditional bonding technology, the benefits will be more obvious.

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