PCAP Optical Bonding Embedded BOND


  • Technology: PCAP Optical Bonding
  • Version: Embedded
  • Series: BOND
10,1"/ 13,3"/ 15,6"/ 21,5"/ 23,6"/ 27"/ 32"/ 43"/ 49"/ 55"
The new WTD series of open touch frames called BOND in Optical Bonding technology, allows to provide customers with the latest visualization enhancement technology thanks to the so-called LOCA process. LOCA offers the strongest and best overall performance of any bonding technology, from handheld devices such as tablets and laptops that pioneered the use of this process to other industries such as agriculture, military and aviation that have incorporated the LOCA process thanks to its high performance and durability. The LOCA process, the most technologically advanced, compared to the OCA & AIR-GAP processes, absolutely improves the readability in sunlight and the sharpness of images, thus increasing total reliability in extreme conditions, also and above all, definitively eliminating the problem of "Black Panel" for those distributors who remain positioned even 24 a day under direct sun.



Open Frame Touch BOND Series
LOCA Optical Bonding Process
-30°+75° (105 TNI) Operating S.
-45°+85° Storage System